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Our Families Say...

"Thank you so much for this program, as a grandmother raising a little one at my age, and doing foster care, I am a little overwhelmed at times and really appreciate all the help and care that comes from CCS"

"CCS has proven to be a great environment for my son. Also a great support system for my family."

"Thank you for allowing me and my child to grow within your school."

"Head Start has supported my family through a lot. They helped encourage and build not only my children's education but mine as well."

"Head Start gave me the means to get an education and a job. They have helped me become a better parent and person. Their contributions to our community are immeasurable. My two older children who are now 7 and 9 still get excited when we drive by Head Start and speak fondly about their experience there."

"The meals they provide have helped to nurture my children's food choices and helped to keep my children fed. The teacher and staff show a level of respect and care that should be valued and appreciated."

"Our family loves CCS and is so thankful for all the care offered to our children and family. Thank you."

"Thank you for your services! If it weren't for CCS, I'd be afraid my son wouldn't be ready for kindergarten."

"CCS has been so incredibly supportive! Our connection with Head Start felt like an undergirding strength for our family as we provide foster care to our grand daughter. Head Start gave us so much. They even accepted our granddaughter who was not potty trained and helped her attain that goal. They fed her two times a day, picked her up and brought her home, gave her little gifts at holidays, had her eyes and teeth checked... I could go on and on. I will definitely feel the loss of Head Start next year when she is no longer there."

"My daughter has always seemed to have a hard time with speaking, reading and writing. The check-ups that they perform at CCS came to find areas she needed to improve in including needing glasses. That's a big deal for me. I never wouldn't even thought of that."

"I have two children enrolled at CCS. Both of whom were homeless until they came to me. Staff and other parents have been an amazing source of support for my family. Thank you CCS."

"This child was raised the 1st 3 yrs in a car. No real home, no concept of my own room and basic connections to people or things. Head Start has made all the difference to this child. She is healthy, strong, happy and well adjusted. Thank you Head Start. Love from a homeless child."

"I love the teachers and staff here, they are so helpful and caring. They take extra time for our children and really care about them. My daughter has a speech impediment and in less than 3 months she has improved greatly."

"I am very grateful for the transportation before and after school. Without this my son would not be able to attend."

"My boys have come a long way with their social skills, speech and academics. They know how to do a lot more than when they started and we have seen a huge improvement. They love going to school and we love all the family activities."

"The school has helped both of the children in my family to become ready for kindergarten and so much more. I have had the pleasure of CCS for the last three years and have watched my children grow with all the teaching and care from this school. :-)"

"Our children have flourished. They both enjoy school very much. CCS has truly been a blessing to our family."

"CCS is a wonderful service. Our family has been very appreciative of their services and pleased with the children's teachers. Both children have grown in leaps and bounds under their care."